About us

After long years of being workshop supervising master of a renowned organ builder’s firm in southern Germany - and by that means familiar with conception, construction, sound design and execution of large church – and concert organs as well as small chamber musical instruments – I decided to found a workshop on my own in 2001.

As a matter–of -course we offer all services of classical church organ building – new construction, rebuilding, restoration, maintaining, tuning etc. of all mechanical, pneumatic or electric systems.

One of our specialized experiences is the installation of data bus based electro/electronic tracker systems of all renowned suppliers in several kinds of organ types – if electro pneumatic or formally tracker (then in most cases double lay out).

Moreover we developed our own patented MIDI-based “orgelpunkt” system, specially designed for perfectly steering unit systems by masking the borrowing hole.

Analogously we are able to realize consoles for playing the organ sample software “Hauptwerk” (or similar ones).

But beyond it we devote ourselves to the borders of traditional organ builder’s activities.

During renaissance, baroque and classic times in several workshops it was normal usage to be engaged in developing stringed keyboard instruments, as well, as there are clavichord, harpsichord, square piano, hammer piano an so more.

Around the 1730th the famous organ builder Gottfried Silbermann essentially contributed to the development of the hammer piano; the important piano maker Johann Andreas Stein from Augsburg practised the construction of claviorgani even in the 1780th.

Only the forthcoming of the industrial production in the middle of the 19th century in piano manufacturing lid to the splitting of professions in keyboard making.

In taking up this tradition and being intensely attended to questions of “historical performing practise” we restore and build instruments in this domain, that we look upon to be of high musical interest – all of this in close contact to practising musicians.

Besides this during all times organ building was engaged in constructing self playing mechanisms as they are described in the early theoretical publications of Salomon de Caus, Athanasius Kircher or Dom Bedos de Celles.

In special the highly developed orchestrions of the “fin de siecle” with their complex pneumatic steering and their romantic and orchestral richness in sound design require highest skill in technique and intonation, but in understanding of the musical data, arranged according to the opportunities of the instrument and stored on barrels or paper – rolls, too.

In this rubric we offer, in addition to restoring and repairing instruments of Your own – whatever orchestrions, fairy organs, player pianos or barrel organs -, to build copies and reconstructions in accordance with the original, as far as information is available in collections and literature.

By this comprehension of instrument making we try to be a competent partner to the practising musician and the enthusiastic collector – with help of an extensive offer of services and an open – minded view.

Markus Harder – Völkmann


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